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How it Works

Better Business Forum is a regular get-together of the CEO’s and owners of midsized businesses, which in the current environment takes place online. In this safe and trusted environment, members share experiences and contribute to solutions for challenges faced by all. Occasionally, outside experts join to bring new knowledge and context. The meetings are guided by two experienced facilitators. However, the meetings are driven by the needs and requirements of the participating members.


Our Facilitators

Leon Theron

Alfons Mauchle

Warwick Corder

Keith Brown

Keith Garden

Nigel Richards

The Outcome

The outcome of these get-togethers has been that members experience peer support of the highest order. They have shrugged off some of the often-present CEO loneliness. They have regained hope amidst the turmoil of the global pandemic. They have gained new knowledge and understanding. They have had the opportunity to identify new business opportunities. They have experienced the magic of participating on equal footing with like-minded business leaders.

Leon Theron

BSc Eng (Elec), B Com, MBL

Email: ltheron45@gmail.com

Prior to entering the commercial world, Leon qualified as an electrical engineer. Leon served as a director, CEO and Chairman of several JSE-listed companies, where he gained valuable leadership and strategic management skills and experience, which he now shares with business owners….

  • Leadership development and business strategies to meet the challenges of the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).
  • Mentoring and coaching of business leaders to enhance their agility to thrive, even in an environment that is post-pandemic, post-Ukraine war, post-global supply chain crisis.
  • The day-to-day running of a business, including purpose, strategy, cash management, record keeping, process management, human resources, commercial contracts, legislation and customer relations.

Alfons Mauchle

BSc Eng (Elec), MBA

Email: alfons@icon.co.za

An electrical engineer by profession. Apart from running Micron Precision Tools, the South African agent and distributor for TESA measuring instruments, Alfons provides experience and support to business owners, through….

  • Effective running businesses tackling leadership priorities and working through business strategies for the current environment. Working through fundamental business principles to achieve successes in tough and risky times.
  • Providing business-owners with sound business support structures and aiding in the decision-making processes in these highly volatile and abnormal times.
  • Coming alongside business owners and working through the everyday issues from finance to labour, costing to quality, cash flow to legal matters. Working through the business development aspects and business existence.

Warwick Corder

Warwick spent many years in the market research and media industries, where he developed his skills in sales and marketing.

He held a number of top-level management positions, which channelled his interests into leadership and talent development.

He has also been involved in several start-ups and small businesses.

Warwick shares this experience with entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

Keith Brown

BA (Hons), B Ed, HDE, MBA

Email: keith@dna-kn.co.za

A teacher at heart, Keith is an experienced facilitator of business learning with special focus on Leadership Development, Strategy, Human Performance and Process Improvement.

Keith served in senior positions in two listed companies before founding d-n-a Knowledge Network, a network of business improvement specialists in 2004.

He counts leading companies like Shoprite (Retail), Toyota (Manufacturing and Sales) and Legacy Hotels and Resorts (Hospitality) as long-standing clients.

Keith has served with leading organisations in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Uganda and Malawi), USA and India.

Keith Garden


Email: keith@stratagemtraining.co.za

A chartered accountant and registered auditor by profession, Keith held senior positions with a listed wholesale group before joining Stratagem Training Services in 1991, which along with a BEE partner, he now owns.

Keith’s strong background in retail/wholesale and deep understanding of stock and working capital management has equipped him to share his experience in General Accounting and Finance, Process Improvement and SME Development.

He serves a broad range of clients including Massmart, Sasol, Sun International, Toyota, Vodacom and Volkswagen.

Keith improves the productivity of client businesses with programmes ranging from Compliance, Ethics and Anti-Corruption through Finance and Productivity Improvement to Quality and Customer Focus.

Nigel Richards

Nigel spent over 30 years in the FMCG industry holding senior positions in Operations, General Management, Franchise Development and Marketing with one of the largest wholesaling groups in Africa.

Since his accreditation with the Institute for Independent Business Nigel has assisted SME business owners in a wide variety of business sectors to improve their businesses.

This he does through Structured Strategic Planning and Operational Planning and Implementation. He provides sound business advice and hands on implementation when required.

Nigel is an expert facilitator, who aligns entrepreneurs’ dreams with implementation utilising a broad and diverse range of business experiences and creating alternatives.

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