BBF to launch a Leadership Development Programme

Responding to the call of a number of members, BBF will shortly launch a forum dedicated to the development of emerging business leaders.



Many SMEs are family-owned businesses and as sons and daughters join such businesses, it is important for them to develop into skilled leaders to make meaningful contributions to the succession plans of these businesses.



BBF is currently finalising plans to launch a dedicated forum, with the working name “Better Leadership Forum”, to address this need.



It is envisaged that the forum will run much along the same lines as the existing BBF forums but with greater emphasis on leadership development, with the twofold goal of delivering more rounded, experienced and capable leaders to member businesses and at the same time, satisfying the ambitions and goals of emerging leaders within these businesses.



Ideally members of this forum will be nominated by existing BBF members. Membership will not however be restricted to the offspring of member business owners, and BBF members will be encouraged to nominate other promising employees to the programme.



Watch this space!

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