What is Leadership?

From Re-imagine! by Tom Peters, published in 2003

  • Leadership is joyous: a matchless opportunity to make a difference by marshalling the talents of others.
  • Leadership is horrible: sorting thru’ the mess of human relations, day after day.
  • Leadership is cool: glorious adventure that enables us to magnify our impact on the world.
  • Leadership is lonely: a battle against doubt and dread in which you have only your own judgement.
  • Leadership is different: a matter not of doing excellence but of inspiring excellence in others.
  • Leadership is the ultimate responsibility: an assumption of accountability for people that you cannot control, for actions you do not perform.
  • Leadership is not what you think: it’s not about command and control or charisma; it’s about living in the depths and then soaring to the heights.
  • Leadership is the ultimate new mandate: a never-ending project with a breath-takingly simple and difficult core objective: re-imagine

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